20 Reasons to do Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

20 Reasons to do Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Does the world of yoga fascinate you to become a yoga teacher in the future? If yes, you should definitely do it in Nepal then.

Nepal is highly rich in history of Yoga. Yoga teachers’ training in Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to swim deeply into a mixture of ancient and modern art of yoga. Nepal provides garnered courses for enthusiastic yoga learners or teachers who carry a soul purpose of enlightenment through yoga.

Nepal is an outstanding destination for a yoga teacher training course, and here are the reasons why :


1. Imagine doing yoga with the huge and majestic Himalayas as background

2. Take some rest and visit the lakes so high in the mountains

3. Nepal got also the most popular trekking destination in the world

4. Breath a pure air


5. There are over 35 different ethnic groups in Nepal, each contributing to a rich and colorful culture

6. Learn Yoga with an immersive peaceful culture

7. Find out yoga on the land of Shiva and Shakti, Maharshi Kapil (Sankhya Yoga), Patanjali ( Yoga Philosophy), Buddha (Peace and love) then on

8. Enjoy a delicious Nepalese cuisine during your training


9. Nepal is less populated, making your training for a more authentic experience

10. Be introduced by the nicest welcoming people

11. Enjoy a tourist friendly environment

12. Feel in a safe environment, the crime rate is almost negligible in Nepal


13. Be surrounded by people on a similar path

14. Nepal is the quintessential place for achieving inner peace, practicing meditation, and embodying the yoga philosophy

15. The training is cheaper than the rest of the world: Nepal is notorious for having low prices and affordable accommodations

16. Find out traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga on true yogic patterns

17. Nepal is an opportunity to meet and live among acclaimed yoga gurus

18. Embark on a journey to spiritual awakening

19. Understand the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being with yoga

20. Last but not least, Nepal is open for tourist and doesn’t require any quarantine!

What are you waiting to book your next Yoga Training in Nepal?