The Spiritual Journey – Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Yoga and Spirituality are connected

Yoga and spirituality go hand in hand. The roots of yoga come from ancient India and is passed down to generations. Yoga as we all know helps in self-discovery and spiritual growth. It is a practice that helps unite your body, mind and soul. Yoga is not limited to just contouring your body, it encompasses physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Yoga has some serious goals.

The ultimate goal of practicing yoga is to achieve inner piece that gives you happiness and contentment. It is a holistic approach based on certain principles that are to be followed by the practitioners. The postures and asanas helps one in getting of tension physically and mentally whilst achieving strength and flexibility. You also learn the importance of self-care. Only when you take care of yourself, you can take care of others.

Aspiring yoga instructor?

If you are looking forward to become a yoga instructor or learn yoga for your own well-being, join the intensive yoga teacher training in Nepal where you witness the ancient knowledge of the spiritual teachers. You will be briefed with deep understanding about mind and body connection.

Join Our Institute today!!

Our institute, i.e, the Pokhara yoga school and retreat center is located amongst the Himalayas in Nepal. Learning Yoga in the Himalayas is a dream for many. You get and amazing experience as you are surrounded by lush greenery and lakes. It is a perfect place for meditation. Everything served here is purely organic and safe.

Why join Pokhara Yoga School and Retreat Center?

We all are so busy in our lives that we forget to invest time for ourselves. Everybody needs a spiritual transformation and Yoga is the best way to achieve that. You disconnect yourself from the real world and live a very peaceful and simple life at our institute. This school is not only for aspiring yoga teachers but also for those who are looking for a getaway from the busy city life and are wanting to live with nature and spend quality time on their and health and mental well-being.

We provide you with the best learning environment and at the end of the course, you become a certified teacher. Our yoga retreat in Nepal comprises of 200, 300, 500 hour yoga teacher training.

Some benefits of joining our institute

1. Experienced teachers who are well-versed with all the yoga postures and asanas.

2. Tasty organic food, free from artificial colours and preservatives.

3. Very affordable

4. You get to spend time in a very healthy environment which is very important for your health and mental well-being.

5. By the end of the program, you are a certified Yoga instructor.

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