Top ten benefits of yoga retreats in Pokhara,Nepal

Retreat is the magnificent opportunity which helps to rediscover ourselves by leaving daily life behind. Retreat helps to get out of the stress and pressure of our daily life and provides the joyness to recover from trauma and to heal on all levels. Retreats offer the benefit of physical, emotional and psychological well being.

The environment that we are growing up in is digital oriented and we are not getting a space and time for ourselves. Retreat gives self time and helps to gain wisdom, single-pointed concentration, spirituality and pure morality. The benefits of Yoga Retreat are:

Release stress

When you arrive at the peaceful environment of the Pokhara Yoga Retreat Center you will know the essence of life and its meaning. As you come out of the daily normal hectic schedule, you will start relaxing in the quiet environment with the natural rhythm and get into the energy of the surroundings. When you start meditating you will be aware of your natural balances, sensation and hormones.


The most benefit of retreat is relaxation. Being away from the stress and pressure of daily life and giving time for ownself in the peaceful environment by doing yoga and meditation brings positivity in our life and helps us to relax by keeping everything behind. It helps to bring physical, mental and emotional benefits and also disconnects you from all the demands, pressures, that pull you in so many directions and ways. It helps to lean into the present and let go of everything else.

Brings healthier perspective

Retreat helps to change the lifestyle of people and make them healthy in different ways. It brings enthusiasm and clarity in people's lives. It changes the thinking of the people because of which they tend to have healthy relationships with others. They will have a new life and a new world full of positivity.

Spiritual Connection

Retreat helps for the spiritual connection. During the first retreat, the first stage of spiritual growth occurs. Spiritual growth is not an intellectual thing. It has to be organic. It brings inner connection with the divine within yourself which helps to bring more sense in life. It is beyond the intellectual and it has to become your own experience.

Practice healthy enhancing exercise and healthy food

Yoga and meditation are the best exercises which help to relax the physical and mental state of the body. In this retreat center professional instructors help to practice health promoting forms of natural exercise. Retreat center provides fresh fruits, nuts, herbal juice drinks and hot organic teas which helps to keep the body healthy.

Revitalise Body, Mind and Psyche While Socialising

Pokhara retreat center is full of people from around the world who have travelled to find themselves and to gain spiritual and holistic knowledge. Talking to the people helps to gain views and ideas about their culture, values and beliefs. By sharing feelings and with good companions it helps to revitalize the body, mind and psyche.

Rewarding on many levels

A Retreat can be a life-changing experience which provides time for ownself and reconnect with your authentic self. It helps you to realize what makes you happy, what brings you joy, and to achieve the clarity to start creating the means to have it. It helps to set your own goal and take action to achieve those goals timely.

Refreshing, re-energizing and re-empowering

Due to the rush in daily life people are living with stress. Retreat helps the natural state of body to accustom with the rhythm and makes more break. It helps to silence the noise and take a moment to sit with yourself, bringing peace and strength that you need in the journey of your life. A retreat can recharge batteries on many levels and bring new insights for positive life change.

Find new focus for personal and professional life

In retreat you will have time to think for yourself by keeping everything aside. You can focus on your desire and think about the things that bring joy and happiness in your life. You can define your clear goal and focus on the alternatives to choose to achieve those goals. Retreat is a wonderful experience, an accelerator and a booster. This way you can find new focus for the personal as well as the professional life.

Meeting like-minded people

Healthy mind is as important as physical well being. Having good companions and people to share views and time with helps us to stay more positive. It is a joyous and uplifting process to see people from different walks of life come together in pursuit of their inner cores. In the retreat center you can meet new people and socialize with them. It is a great opportunity to find people with similar interests.