What is sirasana? Its benefits in health.

Yoga has been the daily part of people’s lives who are in pursuit of a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. Yoga has different styles and different pose for each part of the body In this article we are going to look about “Sirasana” 

Sirsasana is an advanced inversion that displays the power, stability, and elegance of overcoming the fear of falling by physical and mental equilibrium. The name derives from the Sanskrit Sirsa meaning "head" and asana meaning "pose" or "posture." 

In this asana, the head and forearms lie on the mat with their hands clasped. The legs are lifted and the body's weight moves until the head and forearms are fully protected. The torso is perpendicular to the mat, right from the hips to the head. 

Some consider Sirsasana to be the most important inversion and is often referred to as the "king" of asanas. This complete inversion restores oxygen to the heart and brain, refreshes the cardiovascular and lymphatic processes, and energizes the body as a whole. 

Many who practice spiritual yoga will use this asana to channel sexual energies to higher spiritual purposes, which is believed to enhance well-being and foster a positive aura. This higher energy is called Ojas, which is believed to help increase other mystical yogic activities. 

Investments like sirsasana aid to unlock the Ajna, or the third eye, the chakra. The reversed location of the body and the location of the head allows the energy to flow to the third eye. Not only does this posture have mental focus and increased vitality, but it is also often believed to help increase memory and focus over time. 

Benefits of Sirsana in health. 

#1 Enhances pituitary functions

We call the pituitary gland the master gland since it regulates the activity of many other similar glands. These are the adrenal gland, the thyroid gland, and so forth, which make up the endocrine system. It is a ductless gland that secretes the hormones directly into the bloodstream. You'll find this pea-sized gland on the underside of your brain. Any of the symptoms of a malfunctioning pituitary gland are poor appetite, fatigue, nausea, mood disorder, body aches, painful acne, and dry skin. The operation of Sirsasana causes the following effects:

  • Revitalizes the nervous system
  • Enhances the regulation of the endocrine system

Sirsasana increases the flow of blood to the brain. This aims to fix glandular conditions and increase brain function. 

#2 Diabetes cure 

Diabetes includes the activity of the pancreas. Pancreatic enzymes tend to break down sugars, lipids, nucleic acid, and proteins as they act as a digestive exocrine gland. In its function as an endocrine gland, it secretes insulin that helps to metabolize blood sugar. Sirsasana helps improve the activity of the pancreas by the improved blood supply. It increases the metabolism of blood sugar.

#3 Flushes the lymphatic system 

Our body is eliminating waste through the lymphatic system. Sirsasana has a calming influence on the lymph system. The progress of the discarded garbage in the system is going quicker and more effectively. You develop a healthy body system by eliminating toxins. The lymphatic system also helps transport fatty acids (chyle) from the digestive system and battles infections with white blood cells. Sirsasana aims to boost the flow of the lymphatic system. This speeds up operations and increases metabolism.

#4 Relieves stress 

In a typical case, blood has a hard time traveling into the lower portion of the body, through the legs and up to the torso, and then towards the brain. Bad distribution of blood is the cause behind many of the diseases in the body. Below are the good things about performing Sirsasana:

  • Standardizes blood pressure  
  • Increases the supply of blood to the scalp
  • Relax and squeeze particular blood vessels in the brain to render them solid

When there is a natural passage of movement through the nerves, the muscles are relaxed. The knots loosen, and the body has a soothing effect. Blood to the brain increases the functioning of the nervous system. 

#5 Develops healthy brain 

Better blood supply to the brain is helpful for a variety of reasons. Here's a look at several of them:

  • Boosts brain efficiency
  • Relieves migraine and depression.
  • Preserves the roles of the healthy gland
  • A beneficial impact on sexual functioning

Relaxation of the nerves helps enhance sensibility and increase sexual performance. When there is a healthy connection with the different organs and a strong message flowing through the nerves, the body's functions will change.

#6 Increased Focus 

When an individual comes to the headstand, there is an enhanced flow of blood that enters the mind. This is further beneficial in enhancing one's mental ability and growing one's concentration and awareness. Along with a decreased sense of concern, discomfort, and tension, this yoga pose will improve your ability to keep your mind incredibly clear and balanced.

#7 Improved Blood Flow To Eyes

The practice of Sirasana allows a person to give an increased amount of oxygen and balanced blood rich in nutrients straight to the eyes. With this increased blood supply that enters the eyes, the problems with any eye vision degeneration or other common eye issues are held in check.

#8 Strengthen The Shoulder And Arms 

When a person keeps the self in the headstand, the forearms are pulled to the field, using the greatest leverage a person may provide. In this condition, the shoulders are pulled back to hold the weight away from the neck and the head. This helps to stabilize the upper body while still increasing muscle endurance.

#9 Improved Digestion

The influence of gravity is reversed on the digestive organs if a human has a headstand. What contributes to this is that any trapped gases, unsanitary lodged stuff, are quickly eliminated from the digestive system. The intake of nutrients increases, while the digestive organs often develop tremendously. The best way to achieve the most gain from digestion is to concentrate on breathing properly when doing the headstand.

#10 Increased Blood Flow To Head

There is an increased supply of nutrient-rich blood that enters the head and the scalp with the aid of the headstand. The body provides additional nutrients to the head and scalp, and the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles increases dramatically when a person performs a headstand. As a result, any hair issues will go away easily with the help of this asana. Daily practice of this asana yoga is very effective in maintaining an optimal state of wellbeing. One must do this asana to attain excellence and take as many advantages as possible. 

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