Sound Healing Course

We are offering 7-Days residential Sound Bowl Courses at Pokhara Yoga School and Retreat Center. Sound bowls have been used for different healing purposes through monks and shamans throughout Nepal, India and Tibet for hundreds of years. The sounds are produced either by striking the surface or stroking the bowl rim with a special wooden stick. Even in today's time, sound bowls are known for their relaxing and healing effect to the body and mind. Sound bowls are an essential tool for meditation and can be found in temples, monasteries and meditation halls worldwide. They have been used in meditation and yoga for centuries. Physically, sound bowl therapy can allow the opening of blockages and loosening of tense body parts. Spiritually, it can help to balance the seven chakras. That’s why sound bowl sets traditionally consist of seven different bowls that are connected to each chakra.

If you are interested to become a sound healer, join our 7-days sound bowl course

Kindly Note : The Certificate  is on Pokhara Yoga School and Retreat Center logo.


Shared Room: USD 750 ,Private Room: USD 900

Book your spot with USD 100 deposit to the school account.


From 29th all months                             

From 7th all months

From 15th all months

From 22nd all months

Day 1

Check -in, welcome tea, and dinner.

Day 2:

• Morning yoga

• Opening ceremony with sound bath

• Introduction on singing bowls and sound healing

• Theoretical knowledge about energy channels and chakras

• Q&A

Day 3:

• Morning yoga

• How to play bowls and Types of bowls

• What is required for a sound bowl session (complete equipment)

• Learn different techniques of Sound bath and practice on each other

Day 4:

• Morning yoga

• Seven Chakra healing (theory and practice), including Chakra mantras

• Sound bowl massage (theory and practice)

Day 5:

• Morning yoga

• Holistic instruments (gong, shamanic drums, conch, ting shaw, etc.) and how to incorporate them in your sound therapy session

• Water sound healing (swimming pool)

• Practice your chosen sound healing type

Day 6:

• Morning yoga

• Practical test: Give your own sound bowl session

• Closing certification ceremony

Day 7 after breakfast check-out

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