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Sound Healing Training in Nepal

Get Sound Healing Training Certification from Qualified Teachers

Sound Healing is the practice of using relaxing sounds and vibrations produced from musical instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks. The sounds produced from hitting a singing bowl with a mallet calm your mind, remove energy blockages and lead to transformed brain waves, more joy and cheerfulness.

A singing bowl is a musical instrument made of metal or silica sand that has been in use since ancient times in monasteries, meditation centres, yoga classes and sound healing practices. We provide learners sound healing training certification that helps them explore their spiritual power and be qualified sound healing teachers. Sound healing as a popular practice in Nada Yoga aims to re-unite individual sounds or Anahata with the cosmic sound and helps in enhancing overall well-being.

We have prepared a sound healing training course for learners that helps them in meditation, spiritual exploration, healing, and teaching professional courses to their students. As a certified teacher and regular practitioner, you not only get the therapeutic benefits of Singing Bowl Healing Session but also be a qualified sound healer.

What You Will Learn In Our Singing Bowls Training in Nepal

We provide 7-day residential Singing bowl training in Nepal that lets you be proficient in sound healing.

Starting from 7th, 15th, 22nd and 29th each month

Shared Room USD 750, Private Room USD 900

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• Introduction to singing bowls and sound healing

• Theoretical knowledge about energy channels and chakras

• Types of bowls and how to play bowls

• Learning different techniques of sound bath and practice on each other

• Seven chakras healing (theory and practice), chakra mantras, Sensual Vibration & Meditation

• Sound bowl massage (theory and practice)

• Various sound healing instruments like shamanic drums, gong, singing bowls and others and how to choose and include them in your sound therapy session

• Water sound healing

• Practice your chosen sound healing type

• Practical test for sound bowl healing certification:-Give your sound bowl session

Benefits of Best Sound Healing Training

Getting our expert sound bath training from experienced Sound healers and certified trainers gives you a life-transforming skill that enables you to tap maximum holistic benefits from it as enumerated below.

#1. Restores your body, mind and spirit to a balanced state enhancing physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing

#2. Helps in the healing of mental issues like depression, anxiety, migraines, and body and muscle aches

#3. Removes energy blockages and enhances mental and emotional clarity

#4. Offers deep relaxation and promotes sound sleep and emotional wellness

#5. Balances Chakras and takes brain waves to a new level of peaceful and meditative state

#6. Enhances mental health and lets you stay calm and relaxed

#7. Cleans your inner space from negative energy and uplifts your mood.

Join Our Sound Healing Therapy Training Soon

We invite all learners interested in getting the sound healing teacher training to join our program soon to avail of the discount and get the best training from experienced trainers. All you need to do is make an advance payment of USD 100 and secure your spot. Rest you can pay when you visit Pokhara Yoga School and Retreat Center.

Set for most thrilling spiritual journey of your life with life-transforming Yoga teaching and Sound Healing therapy training from the best Yoga School and Retreat Center in Nepal.

Secure your spot with a USD 100 deposit in advance.

Cancellation Policy: Advance payment is non-refundable. If you cannot attend your original planned course, you have the option to join us for the same kind of course within the next year.

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