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Name: Manoj Sharma

Manoj is a spiritual, cultural and philosophical guide at the school.

For 10 years he has been studying and living at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India, absorbing knowledge and techniques of Yoga, Meditation, Sanskrit and Hindu Philosophy. He has Master Degrees in Sanskrit (Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, India), Yoga (University of Uttarakhand, India) and Vedic Astrology (Komilla Foundation in California, USA). At a professional level, Manoj is a Yogacharya (traditional yoga teacher). He has carried out several training workshops and sessions around the world.

Manoj Sharma

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Name: Deepa Negi Mira

Deepa Ji focuses largely on Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Chanting and Laughing Yoga.

She has been teaching 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses at prestigious yoga schools for many years. For her, spirituality is about peace of mind, being consistent and striking a balance within oneself. She believes that spirituality that can be found in nature, where she loves going for walks and taking pictures. Deepa Ji likes to travel far and wide to explore and discover new things.

Deepa Negi Mira

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Name: Prem Bahadur Shah

Prem Jis passion and main focus is Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, having completed the first and second series in Mysore (India). He also teaches traditional Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, basic Pranayama, Mantra chanting and Kriya practice.

Prem Ji grew up in Lumbini (Nepal) and moved to India in 2014 to join the Upaya Yoga Teacher Training School. He started as a Master in Indian yogic sattvic vegetarian food, working as a chef and manager. Working and living in a yogic environment awakened a deep curiosity and interest in the yoga practice. Eventually he started his own yoga practice under the guidance of gurus, and since then has been working as a teacher training instructor, sharing his knowledge and motivation with other students.

Yoga practice has deeply inspired him, truly believing it has the power to transform and clarify one's life, guiding us through self-discovery, spiritual growth, and personal serenity. Prem Ji is a humble, calm, gentle, rigorous, energetic and revitalizing teacher who loves perseverance and challenges. His main goal is to keep growing as a person and yoga professional, learning from gurus around the world and sharing his knowledge and experience unconditionally with a unique purpose: bringing wellness, joy, harmony and happiness to human life.

Prem Bahadur Shah

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Name: Madan Singh

Madan Ji was born near Lubmini (Nepal), the birthplace of Siddartha Buddha. At the age of 12 he was introduced to yoga by a yoga master from the Himalayas, and yoga has been a big part of his life ever since. For many years Madan Ji has been teaching yoga to groups, as well as giving private classes in both Nepal and India.

He completed several teacher training courses and has studied Yoga Philosophy and Thai Yoga Massage Therapy in various universities and schools of India. As a Yoga Therapist and Masseur he treats various diseases like asthma, depression, meridian and muscle blockages, back problems and other common ailments.

Madan Singh

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Name: Ravi Prakash

Ravi Ji teaches the primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa in the teacher training programs.

He has a Master Degree in Yoga Science (Rishikesh University, India), more than 12 years of experience in teaching in various teacher trainings and is a neurotherapist. His classes are well structured and intensive, increasing especially the students' flexibility. Ravi Ji believes in imparting holistic yoga knowledge with equal emphasis on asanas, pranayama, mudra, bandha, cleansing, and meditational techniques.

Ravi Prakash

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Name: Kush Singh

Kush Ji likes exploring the depths of traditional Hatha Yoga techniques, classical Yoga of Patanjali and Bodhidharma, and sharing them with yoga and spiritual enthusiasts.

Coming from Varanasi (India), he is a Yoga and Vajrayana practitioner and teacher since 2010. He has been travelling and teaching yoga in various parts of India and Nepal, primarily conducting teacher training courses and retreats. Known for his calm demeanour and unique way of teaching, Kush Jis classes not only focus on the physical and mental benefits, but also tap on the spiritual potential of the ancient practices.

Kush Singh

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Name: Chetan Kumar

Chetan Ji teaches Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Traditional Holistic Yoga.

Coming from Rishikesh, he started pursuing yoga from school days on. He has completed his Master Degree in Yogic Science and Ayurveda (Himalaya Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital Dehradun, India) and acquired Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour, 300-hour and 500-hour TTC designations in Rishikesh and Dharamsala (India). Chetan Ji has been teaching for more than six years in different yoga studios and teacher training schools. His teachings are appreciated by yoga aspirants across the globe and he is committed to share enlightening yogic wisdom to seekers.

Chetan  Kumar

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Name: Neha Baliyan

Neha Ji teaches Yoga Asanas, Alignment, Yoga Anatomy and Ayurveda.

She was introduced to yoga during her childhood while reading Srimad Bhagavad Gita, since then she has been attracted towards the practice of yoga. After completing her graduation, she decided to dedicate her professional education in the field of yoga. She always looks for the growth of her students and motivates them to go beyond their limits to experience a healthier approach towards life.

Neha Ji has a Ph.D. in Yoga and Science of Living (Rajasthan University, India), a Master Degree in Yoga and Science (Uttarakhand University, India) and a PGDM in Yoga (Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar, India).During her studies she has worked as a yoga instructor for various institutions. She has conducted yoga retreats and workshops in Austria and Germany and has worked with the central government of India to teach Yoga in rural villages of Rajasthan.

Neha Baliyan

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Name: Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar is a dedicated yoga teacher from South India. After completing his degree in engineering he soon realized that his true passion lay in the field of yoga.

In pursuit of his passion, Ashok underwent extensive training in yoga and became a certified yoga teacher. In 2017, he completed his 500RYT certification in India, further cementing his expertise in yoga. In over 5 years of teaching Ashok has gained a vast amount of experience in different styles and teaching. 

With expertise in various forms of yoga, including Hatha vinyasa and Ashtanga vinyasa, as well as pranayama and alignment, his yoga teaching is not just about physical fitness but also about mental growth and a holistic approach.

Because in this day and age, yoga is not just about philosophy and exercise; it provides us with a unique way of finding mental balance in a time rife with modern mental issues. People are often pushed to pursue life in a certain way and which causes them to lose touch with their bodies and minds. Speaking from personal experience, Ashok believes that yoga will help humanity in reaching better physical and mental well-being during these challenging times and hopes to inspire people to live a healthy and balanced life through yoga.

Ashok Kumar

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Name: Himanshu Jagwan

Himanshu was born and raised in Rishikesh itself. He discovered spirituality and yoga at a very young age thanks to his Father and did a lot of his own self-practice and self-experiments based on his father’s teachings. Eventually, at the right age, he decided to choose Yoga as his profession, and his own experience added immense value to his teachings. He also has immense knowledge of the body because of his study time spent with an Ayurvedic Doctor. Himanshu is always absorbed in the devotion of Lord shree Krishna and starts his day with the holy name of lord Shree Krishna.

He is a yoga practitioner of Asanas, Pranayama (Breathing Control), and Shatkarma. Himanshu has been teaching yoga since 5years and practicing Asana and Pranayama for last 16 years. He has done 200 hrs YTTC in Hatha-Ashtanga Yoga and 300 hrs YTTC Traditional Kundalini and Ayurveda from Yoga Alliance and Himanshu Hold a Bachelor's degree in Yogic science from Uttarakhand Open University and currently he pursuing a Master's degree in Yogic science.

He has been working as a freelance yoga teacher in several schools in rishikesh and have taught more than 100+ online and offline yoga retreats, meditation and Kundalini TTC to seekers around the world. after teaching yoga in Vietnam, he made the decision to continue teaching closer to nature so he moved to Pokhara,Nepal.

He also Founder and Director of Urbanyogic retreat private limited in Rishikesh where he teaches Yoga and Pranayama to his students. He is able to form effective relationships with students of all background levels and have a good communication and problem solving ability.

Himanshu Jagwan

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Name: Sid

I started my practice in Goa with Upaya Yoga Centre where i was introduced to my first Ashtanga teacher Praba. Right after the course i started assisting him in his class demonstrating asanas and getting in depth knowledge of vinyasa krama, to further my education and share my knowledge and experience i was sent to Mysore to join Pandit Sri Vijay Kumar where i studied, assisted and taught the traditional method of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Healing and Meditation for around 6 years. As a devoted student and daily practitioner of yoga I am a motivated and result driven individual, this gives me the ability to motivate others so that they can maximize the benefits of classes and their own self practice. I am passionate about enlightening others on both their physical practice and also on the Theosophical texts. With the blessings of my gurus, my mission is to promote inner wellbeing through spiritual practices of asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), dhyana (meditation) and mantra yoga (union through affirmations).


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