Discover the Stunning Environment of Pokhara Yoga School

Founded in 2019, Pokhara Yoga school and retreat center was built with the dream to provide a space for people from all nationalities to come together as a community in a land where yogi’s and gurus have made their mark for thousands of years.

Enjoy Our Amazing Location And View

Pokhara Yoga school is situated in a small village called Sedi, 10min from the city center of Pokhara. The school offers an endless breath-taking view of the Himalayan Mountains, the Valley, and Fewa Lake.

Throughout the day you can hear a variety of sounds carrying throughout the valley. Little goats bleating, cows mooing, children playing and birds chirping. The air is incredibly fresh. Our location is a great opportunity to go outside and do birdwatching every day. Also our garden is visited by beautiful blue kingfishers.

With its amazing position set on a hilltop, away from the bustling streets, we provide a big swimming pool and beautiful gardens. Here, you will experience authentic Nepalese culture blended with modern amenities.

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Relax In Our Luxury Accommodation

We offer high class hospitalities services with a wide variety of modern room, a restaurant style dining area, a modern kitchen, a swimming pool and two large Yoga Shala’s.

• Our 45 Rooms are spacious, airy and clean, providing optimal conditions for students to devote themselves to their practice and studies. Students can choose to share a room or stay on their own. All Rooms have hot and cold water through all the year.

• The Yoga Shala’s built to enhance scenic Mountain View with large glass windows and all-day access.

• The Rooftop area are also perfect for yoga practice and classes; as well for our balconies and multiple spaces for self-reflection and relaxation.

• When it comes to food, we are proud to serve guests wholesome vegetarian and vegan meals, made with organic and locally grown vegetables.