What are Prana and Bandhas?

What are Prana and Bandhas?

Bandhas are internal muscular “locks” that, when engaged, support the toning and lifting of strategic areas of the body. Practicing bandha involves concentrated muscular contractions.

Prana is the life energy or life force in all living things.

A bandha is performed in order to direct and regulate the flow of prana (life force energy) to certain parts of the body. This promotes good health and vitality.

Bandha is classified into 4 types

• Mula (the root lock): it involves contracting the perineum muscles inward, then lifting them upward to hold energy.

• Uddiyana (the diaphragm lock): it stimulates the abdominal muscles as they are pulled in, while the chest lifts upward.

• Jalandhara (the throat or chin lock): it is performed by bringing the chin down towards the chest.

• Maha (the supreme bandha or triple lock): it is practiced by performing the first three bandhas simultaneously.

The Benefits Of Engaging These 4 Energy Locks

• fruitful for the brain centers

• cleansing energy channels

• stimulate the chakras (energy centers)

• purify and remove blockages

• harmonies and balance the self

• alt the flowing of blood

• controlled breath

• regulate your internal systems, from sexual to hormonal to metabolic and digestive

• improving digestion and elimination

• toning the visceral organs

• preparing the mind for meditation

• improving concentration

• teaches and strengthens single point concentration

• helping to relieve depression

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